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Rob Goodier

Makerere Collaboration: 25 Products and Prototypes Cataloged for E4C’s Solutions Library

April 20, 2023

Illuminate Dermoscope wound screener, Tampostat low-cost post-partum hemorrhage treatment, Saans neonatal breathing disorder treatment, and more than 20 other technologies have been...

Rob Goodier

Inspired TED Talks to Energize Engineers

April 13, 2023

Sometimes after a doom scroll through headlines of a heating planet, backsliding on the Sustainable Development Goals, war, famine,...

Rob Goodier

Three Startups Developing Agriculture, Water and Sanitation Solutions Win ASME ISHOW India

April 7, 2023

A manhole monitor, upgraded grow lights and a natural water purifier won the top places in the American Society...

Rob Goodier

GenH Converts Dams into Low-Impact, Low-Cost Power Generators

March 31, 2023

GenH’s Adaptive Hydro is one of E4C’s Promising Prototypes to Watch in 2023. Read the list here. Most of...

Rob Goodier

Sendea Turns Untrained Rural Techs into Solar Entrepreneurs

编者注:下面的基于“增大化现实”技术ticle is adapted from Sun-Connect News, the news website of Stiftung Solarenergie, and from Sun-Connect’s...

Rob Goodier

Darcy Solutions Is Upgrading Geothermal Energy Production

March 24, 2023

A US clean energy startup is developing energy production systems that make geothermal technology more practical. Traditional systems sink...

Rob Goodier

Meet the Eight Finalists at Innovation Showcase India in 2023

March 20, 2023

Eight Entrepreneurs in India won finalist standing in Innovation Showcase, India, 2023, the startup accelerator and competition from the...

Rob Goodier

E4C Fellowship Alumni: Where Are They Now? With Dr. King Ukoba

March 17, 2023

Browse research from the latest E4C Impact Projects Report This ‘Where Are They Now?’ series tracks alumni of Engineering for...

Rob Goodier

Research: Induction Stoves Improve Indoor Air Quality in New York

March 10, 2023

Sustainable development practitioners have long known of the link between stove design and indoor air quality. Creating healthy living...

Isaac Kimani Njoroge

Pay-As-You-Go Advances the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa

March 9, 2023

Low-income African households have recently begun to fill up with refrigerators, gas stove tops, TVs and other appliances that...


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